JM Bullion Review

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JM Bullion is the fastest growing precious metals dealer in the US, and they are one of the most popular choices for people who want to buy precious metals. But there are some things that give us pause. Their BBB page has almost 200 complaints, and there are competitors who offer better customer service.

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  • Owner: Michael Wittmeyer
  • Rating: 2.0/5

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About JM Bullion

JM Bullion Review

JM Bullion is a precious metals dealer that sells multiple silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products to people all over the US. You can open an account with them and begin purchasing precious metals immediately. They aim to make the market more accessible and simple for new investors, but they might not actually be the best option.

In addition to the metals themselves, the company offers a buyback program, storage services, and different shipping promotions.

Is JM Bullion a Scam?

JM Bullion Review

JM Bullion is not a scam. This is a legitimate precious metals dealership that has served thousands of customers throughout the US. They have a decade of experience in the industry, and they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

But there are some very concerning red flags. While many customers have left positive reviews on sites like Trustlink and Trustpilot, there have been almost 200 complaints filed on the BBB website. More than 85 of those complaints are just from the last year.

Despite the sheer volume of complaints, the company maintains an A+ with the BBB. That does seem to indicate that they make an effort to resolve the issues. But there are simply so many complaints that the BBB can't even display them all. You can only view around 30 percent of them.

Let's take a look at some of the complaints.

BBB Complaints

JM Bullion Review

As of writing, there have been 198 complaints filed within the prior three years. Eighty-six of those were filed within the last year. Of the complaints, 88 were related to a product issue, 63 were related to issues with delivery, 27 were related to advertising problems, and 19 were related to billing problems.

That's a pretty wide spectrum of issues to complain about. At a glance, it seems like customers are running into problems in every part of the purchase process.

The BBB has stated that they will only display 30% of the lodged complaints in public. So there are still tons of other issues that have never been published on the website. Obviously we can't delve into every single complaint that's displayed, so we'll just take a look at some of the more recent ones.

Lost Package

In September of 2021, a customer filed a complaint because of a lost package. They had purchased more than $1,000 worth of coins. The package was shipped, and the customer was given a tracking number. There was supposed to be a signature for the pickup, but the package was never delivered.

The customer discovered that the package had been given to the local post office to be picked up on August 7. But they arrived a little over two weeks after that and were told that the package had been returned to the sender. The customer called the company to file a claim, but the company said that no claim could be filed because it had been more than 48 hours since the package arrived.

The company replied to say that the claim was denied because missing shipments are required to be reported in 48 hours. They encouraged the customer to work with their post office to find the package. They then concluded that if the package arrived at their facility, they would notify the customer -- but at that point, it had been a month since the package was shipped back.

Now, in this case, the customer might be partially at fault for failing to go pick up the package from the post office in a timely manner. But the company did not appear to have any interest whatsoever in rectifying the situation. They didn't even seem concerned about the customer's inconvenience.

Cancellation Due to Risks

A customer posted a complaint in August of 2021 stating that they had made a purchase of more than $2,000. They were charged for the product. After having paid, the order was suddenly cancelled. The company stated that there were too many risks for the transaction to be completed.

The customer wanted the charges to be explained, for the business to contact them, and for the purchase to be honored.

The company replied to say that the order cancellation was because the company wasn't able to confirm the information on the shipping address. The customer had been sent an email about the issue two days following their order placement. The company told them that they would need to pay for an order via bank wire transfer or check before they could make purchases with a credit card.

This is a fairly reasonable response. Sometimes precious metals dealers have to reject certain payment methods until they can confirm the identity of the user. That helps to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft.

Missing Items from Sold Package

One complaint from July was written by a customer who said that they had used the company's sale program. They sold about 430 ounces of silver to the company to allow them to relocate to another city in order to have several major surgeries.

The customer had sent the following items:

  • 14 Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 410 American Silver Eagle coins
  • 6 generic silver rounds

But when the package arrived, JM Bullion stated that there were only 404 American Silver Eagle coins inside. There were six ounces of silver missing. The customer was therefore paid less than they had been quoted. They finished the complaint by saying that they believed a company employee had stolen six of the coins.

The company responded to say that the box arrived undamaged. Every unpackaging is done with video recording to make sure there's proof of the contents of the box. They said they had the footage to prove that only 404 coins were in the package. It's possible that the customer just misplaced the final six coins while packing them, or that they misremembered their total.

Reversed Refund

One customer filed a complaint because of an order that they had placed online in April. They paid a little over $200, but the products they ordered were never shipped. The customer waited for almost two months without being given concrete information on when the items would ship. Finally, they asked for a refund.

JM Bullion agreed to refund the money. In the first week of June, the customer's credit card was given a credit for what they spent. The issue should have been resolved. But then exactly a month later, there was a charge reversal. The credit was removed from the customer's account.

The customer called JM Bullion about the problem. The representative they spoke to said that they should call their card issuer. But upon doing that, the card issuer said that the merchant was responsible for reversing any charges. The customer had suspended their card and was disputing the charges.

They concluded by saying that they wanted to be refunded, and then they never wanted to work with the company again.

The company responded to ask for the customer's order number, which the customer provided.

The company said that the refund request had been approved and processed at the beginning of June. However, two weeks after that, the customer disputed their original payment.

The company removed the refund because the first payment was now in dispute. They said that the customer would need to finish the dispute to have their funds returned, or they would need to prove the dispute had been dropped to get a refund.

The customer replied to say that they didn't accept the response. They said that the charge was reversed several days after the company's timeline. Because the company had given the customer a refund, their credit card holder didn't approve the dispute. The whole debacle had left them without $200 and without having ever received their product.

The company never replied to this, so there's no way to tell whether the customer ever had their issue fixed.

Lost Package with Delayed Insurance Claim

This customer filed their complaint six weeks after making their initial order. The order was placed in the middle of May. The day after confirming the purchase, the customer was sent a shipping notification email that included a tracking number.

The tracking label showed that the package seemed to have gotten lost en route to the person's house. It said that the package would be arriving late. Ten days after the item shipped, the customer contacted the company to open an insurance claim for the lost package.

The company told the customer at the time that it would work to resolve the matter. They said that there would be more information available within thirty days. But more than a month later, the customer hadn't heard anything. Whenever they tried to call the company representatives to get answers, they were just told that there wasn't any information on whether the insurance had processed the claim.

The company responded to the complaint to say that they were shipping out a new silver bar since the claim had finally been approved. But they didn't offer any explanations for why approving the claim took so long in the first place, or why they seemed so unable to help with the issue.

Falsely Advertised Product

One complaint from June of 2021 was related to an order that a customer had placed in April. While their initial issue was related to advertising, there just seemed to be more and more issues compounded on top.

The customer called the company to order a 10 ounce silver bar. According to the company's marketing copy, the bar was supposed to be new, in the mint box, and wrapped in protective material. When the bar arrived, it did not have the mint box or the packaging, and it was just sealed in a basic ziploc baggy.

To add insult to injury, the customer had to send five emails before they finally got a hold of a customer service representative. This person investigated the problem and said that the customer had received the wrongly packaged product. They emailed the customer return pickup instructions for UPS.

But the information that the customer was given was not correct, so the UPS pickup didn't happen. As of writing the complaint, the customer had had the metal for over a month and had paid more than two months ago. They were frustrated that they couldn't get any resolution even though the company itself had admitted fault.

The company responded to say that their operations manager had talked to the customer. Instead of being able to come to an agreement, the customer stated that they did not want any more contact from the company and did not want to fix the issue.

What These Reviews Mean

JM Bullion Review

It should be noted that there have been some positive customer reviews on third party websites. Though many complaints have been lodged, there have also been people who received their items without issue.

In addition, you can expect to see some complaints with any large business. The more customers they have, the greater the chances of some ruffled feathers. It is impressive that JM Bullion has responded to every one of the complaints and that they have retained an A+ rating with the BBB.

However, this is a huge number of complaints to be filed, even for a national company with thousands of customers. There are also some concerns in how the company has responded to some of the issues. They always cite their policy, but they never try to compromise or help customers that are just outside the policy range.

With almost 200 complaints, only a small fraction are displayed on the BBB website. From reading those, some of the most common patterns include:

  • People received products that were improperly packaged, damaged, or otherwise incorrect.
  • Packages were lost in the mail, and the company made no effort to help with locating them or expediting the insurance claim.
  • Delivery took weeks or sometimes months longer than it was initially supposed to, with no apparent explanation from the company.
  • Customers had to call and email multiple times without getting any help before finally turning to the BBB.

The company has made an attempt to resolve or explain all of the issues presented to the BBB. But usually people file BBB complaints as a last resort when they are unable to come to a resolution with the company's customer service team. That seems to be the case here, over and over again.

Pros & Cons of JM Bullion


  • Accredited with the BBB with an A+ overall rating.
  • Can pay for precious metals using Bitcoin.
  • Free shipping available for orders that qualify.


  • So many complaints with the BBB that the organization can't display all of them.
  • More than 80 complaints filed in the last year alone.
  • Concerning company policies and questions of potential mismanagement.

Final Thoughts

JM Bullion is a precious metals dealer that serves thousands of customers across the US. They are one of the most successful gold dealerships in the industry. But they also have a few major red flags.

The biggest red flag is the number of customer complaints. There have been so many complaints lodged in the last three years that the BBB only displays 30% of them. Customers allege that there were issues with delivery delays, packages being lost, issues with refunds and exchanges, problems with the items being packaged wrong, and problems with false advertising.

The most common thread running through all of these complaints was that it was very hard to reach a resolution with the JM Bullion team. Many of the customers had been trying to resolve their problem for weeks or months before filing their complaint.

There are other bullion dealers that have more glowing customer reviews without the same level of complaints.

Overall, we believe that there is a better option when it comes to your investment.

The above company is our top recommendation after doing extensive research. Feel free to keep doing your own research, or you can visit JM Bullion below!

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